Dave is Hotter Than Hell

It’s a new year, right? Sure is. If you ever want to drop me a line, you can reach me at:


Well, it’s October. Wow. I’m on my second year of running the meet and greet for the Last Comic Standing Tour. I’m also running the deck, which is a term I never knew a year ago. I’m in charge of all audio, voice-overs, walk-on music, trying to locate Ian Bagg and making sure the only thing the comics have to worry about every night is being funny for 20 minutes. We started Sept 12 and we go to mid-December. I’m tired just writing this. 10-6/Cincinnati

Oh, hello. It’s January 29, 2016. How are you? That’s good to hear/Really sorry to hear that. The Last Comic Standing Tour didn’t kill me. 79 shows in 90 days. That’s the definition of “a lot”. I am now back with Ron White while occasionally running meet and greets for Frank Caliendo. I hope to run into each and every one of you this year. Let’s make it happen.