What Are Man Weave Units and Why Are Men Wearing Them?

Man weave units are the simple and convenient solution for balding men that would like to have a beautiful full head of hair without going through costly and painful procedures. If you are a man that has been losing your hair for quite some time and you have felt insecure about it, a man weave unit could solve all your problems. You will no longer need to attempt to conceal your head with a baseball cap to keep people from noticing that you have bald spots or that you no longer have hair at all because you can have one of these realistic units installed on top of your scalp.

What Exactly are Man weave units?

The man weave unit is a type of hair extension made specifically for men. While women often have extensions installed to add both length and volume to their natural hair, men can have the man weave unit installed to conceal the fact that they are losing their hair or no longer have any hair on their heads. Custom units are created using virgin hair. Different styles and options are available for men based on what they want and what they think is going to look best on them. There are units with straight hair, waves, and even different curl patterns available for men to have installed.

How Long Do Hair Units Last?

Once it is properly installed by professionals at the barbershop, a man weave unit can last for several months at a time, especially if it is taken care of. Some units can last for up to four months at a time, but most are made to last anywhere between one and two months. You can discuss your wants and needs with the Hair professionals when you are having your man weave unit installed. Because the man weave can last such a long time, you can continue to feel confident without worrying about going back to the way things were when you did not have any hair on your head.

How long do Man units take to Apply?

If you are going to get a man weave unit, you need to know that the entire installation process tends to take about two hours to complete. However, it can take less time depending on the experience of the barber and the specific style you are requesting. There is a process involved that includes using a special adhesive to get the man weave to stick to the scalp and stay in place without moving. The barber that is completing the installation wants to make sure it is installed in a way that makes the man weave unit look completely natural.

man weave for thinning

The man weave units are boosting the confidence of men that are losing their hair or are already bald. If you thought there was no hope other than to get costly procedures to try to get your hair to grow again, the man weave unit is the perfect alternative solution to hair loss, thinning and alopecia. You can have hair that looks real, feels real, and stays in place for several months.

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